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Tami is amazing! She made us feel comfortable quickly, earning our trust and figured out what we were looking for very quickly. I'm a pretty picky person, but walking through homes, it was clear Tami is too. She knew what to look for and what is and isn't an issue (things to get them to fix, things  to not sweat) with buying a home. She's got connections in the business all over; this came in huge for us when our termite contractor flaked out and left us hanging 3 days before we were supposed to get tented. The listing agent in our case was a newbie, and in a lot of cases, completely unprofessional. Tami handled every situation with grace and total calm, never letting the other agent's horrendous behavior slow us down or derail us too much. When the time comes to get that house in the country with a little land we've always wanted, Tami will be the first call, both to list this house and find our next one!


Tami Monasmith was a great help to me. She is extremely knowledgeable in property locations, value, necessary inspections, financial institutions wants and needs and so much more. Tami is a true go getter!